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Le Locle, 28-11-2006

Titane-molibdène comment l`usiner?

Metz, 15-03-2006

Evaluation of performances of a DLC (dymon like carbon) coating coated end mill by a new systme of cutting analysis

Suzhou, 11-05-2006

Methods of implementation of a restricdted State Control on a HSC milling manchine

St Sebastian (E) 20-01-2007

Expert system for the definition of the cutting parameters and machining strategies

Darmstadt, 28-08-2008

Methodology for the Study of Machining by Chip Removal and its Application to Milling and Drilling Precious Metals

Le Locle, 12-06-2008

Mechanistic models for the study of the machining by chip removal and their application to the case of milling and drilling of precious metals